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After Hours


AFTERHOURS: Lyme disease

Bax has the clap…AND now Lyme disease!



Do you like pina coladas? Gettting caught in the rain? OB likes none of that shit, so best of luck!


AFTERHOURS: John Wants to get Laid

The hopeless J O’B is going through a dry spell…any takers?

B&O Pics


Bax & O’Brien Roast, April 2006

These are pictures from our 10th Anniversary Roast (which actually happened in 2006-one month after we celebrated our eleventh anniversary).…

B&O Blog

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

The World’s Worst Ex-Girlfriend

(By Baxie) Folks, let’s face it.  In the history of human relationships there, perhaps, has never been a worse girlfriend…


Foam Finger Prostate Check!

(By Baxie) For my money, there is nothing more important that good prostate health. Are you kidding? I’m checking that…


World Cup Popes!

(By Baxie) Sunday is the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina. It all comes down to this. For the…


Happy Trails, Father Scahill.

(By Baxie)  I rarely talk about religeon unless I am absolutely given no other choice. Despite being called “Churchie” on…


California Chome is a Big Fat Loser

SPORTS I do believe that it was Pebbles Flintsone and Bam Bam Rubble who sang the timeless classic “Open Up…