Image: Lamar Odom

Wait until they tell him what happened to Bruce!

If I were married to a Kardashian (which I am not) I would probably welcome a cataclysmic neurological event that…

live show

B&O LIVE: View from the Couch

(By Bax) As many of you know–tonight’s show was sold out more than 4 weeks okay based upon the promise…


Lebron James….f’eh.

(By Baxie) Numbers are funny things.  90% of the time I don’t understand anything involving numbers. And yet, I do…


$339 Worth of Entertainment!

(By Baxie) As many of you know, the Bax & O”Brien show at City Stage is just one week away. …

Rick Pitino

Great Recruitment Ideas from Rick Pitino!

(By Baxie) When I was a freshman in college the only thing that I got out of it was a…


Lamar Odom: Alive and Texting!

(By Baxie) Hey, there’s great news this morning.  As I’m sure many of you know, former Clippers, Heat, Lakers, Kardashians,…


Doesn’t the NFL Care About Cancer?

(By Baxie) The NFL is an organization that cares.  They care about people.  They especially care about the people whose…


clog 7

Clog #7

Story time with John O’Brien (and Robert Schimmel)  

clog 6

Clog #6

John O’Brien gets hooked up!