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After Hours


AFTERHOURS Week of 12/1

Sex partners and open bars, its all in this weeks AFTER HOURS


AFTERHOURS: Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson Suspended!


AFTERHOURS: The Bright Nights Ball

Dumb and Dumber go to the Bright Nights Ball…


AFTERHOURS: Dating Game Wrap-up

John O’Brien finds true love! Just kidding, it was a disaster…

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    Bax & O’Brien’s Thursday Night Live – Uncut!

    See the full Bax & O’Brien Thursday Night Live show from CityStage in Springfield on October 30th, 2014!

    that bass

    All About that Bax (No Steve Nagle)

    From the Bax & O’Brien Thursday Night Live Afterparty at Theodore’s…..Meow!


    Distracted National Anthem

    You done messed up A-Ayron!!!


    Distracted Radio Streaming

    It’s back, baby!!!  


    Distracted Columbus Day

    Yay Columbus!

    B&O Blog

    hummus garlicky

    CIA Interrogation Techniques for the Holidays!

    (By Baxie) Whenever  I think of the word “torture” I think of a number of things.  For example, last week…

    2013 Boston Red Sox Photo Day

    Jon Lester is Dead to Me

    (By Baxie) Well, that’s it. Jon Lester is officially dead to me. Once upon a time, I loved Jon Lester.…

    miss rice

    Tribute to Miss Rice

    (By Baxie) My favorite teacher died last week. Miss Rice was my English teacher during my final two years of…


    Mascotting Gone Bad

    (By Baxie) The sweet study of Mascot Science is a complex and diverse vocation. You cant just put on a…


    Hot for Teacher

    (By Baxie) When I was a young man between the ages of 14 through 18, I attended a high school…