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Lewis Black

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Mitch Fatel

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After Hours


AFTERHOURS Week of 12/1

Sex partners and open bars, its all in this weeks AFTER HOURS


AFTERHOURS: Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson Suspended!


AFTERHOURS: The Bright Nights Ball

Dumb and Dumber go to the Bright Nights Ball…


AFTERHOURS: Dating Game Wrap-up

John O’Brien finds true love! Just kidding, it was a disaster…



Distracted Murder Conviction

Apparently Odin Lloyd isn’t the only person who thinks Aaron Hernandez is a jerk

Distracted Lyme

Distracted Lyme Disease

I still think ticks are jerks.


Bax & O’Brien’s 20th Anniversary Party!

You are about to view a page which may contain mature and adult material. Some of this material may not…

B&O Blog


Sports: Back in MY Day!

(By Baxie) As many of you know, I’m not getting any younger. Yesterday I got a haircut. It took 35…


Balise To Aruba, the Vids, Pics and More..

Here is a video/pic recap of our trip to Aruba with Balise Auto! Landing Gear Issues   Grounded in Westfield…


Michael Sam…Trailblazer!

(By Baxie) There is nothing more heartwarming than a man’s quest to overcome adversity and his desire to break-down the…


Okay! Enough already with the Snow!

(By Baxie) Hey, Mother Nature!  I’m getting sick of your bullshit.  I was fine with a little bit of cold. …


There…there, Russell Wilson

(By Baxie) There really is nothing more heartwarming than an emotional redemption story.  Are you kidding?  Who doesn’t love seeing…