The Red Sox win the World Series and all I got this was a nap!

baseball(By Baxie) Well folks, it time to fire up the Wolling Walley–the Boston Red Sox have just won the World Series Cup! Yes that’s right! The Boston Red Sox have won their first World Series Championship in 6 years! That six-year long curse is finally over with! We’ve beaten back those demons and have defied the odds! Last night the Red Sox also won their first Championship at home since 1918 (exactly 95 years ago) by beating the St. Louis Cardinals in game 6 with a final score of 6-1. It was a tremendously emotional victory for a team that finished in dead last a year ago. They are now the World Series champions–winning their 3rd championship in ten years.
If you’re like me, you not only stayed up to watch the game. You also stayed awake long enough to see the presentation of the World Series cup and the MVP award to David Ortiz. I stayed up for that. My head didn’t hit the pillow until nearly midnight. I didn’t actually fall asleep until well after midnight. While I was dreaming about the Red Sox I awoke at 1:35AM. Apparently I had been dreaming that my alarm went off. I grabbed my clothes. I headed downstairs. Then I noticed that the coffee machine had not yet started brewing coffee. I went over the machine to take a closer look. It was here that I discovered that it was only 1:36AM. It seems as though I may have been woken by a dream in which my alarm was going off. Sadly, it did not.

I went back to sleep.

At approximately 2:25AM I was awoken again. This time the phone was ringing. Still reeling from the mistake of accidentally waking up the previous hour, I pretended to be asleep and let my wife answer the phone instead. According to my wife, the caller asked if there “Raphael “was there? Granted, we have had our share of house guests over the years. But we have never hosted anyone by that name. When my wife informed the caller that he had dialed the wrong number the caller reclaimed his dignity by admitting his mistake and professing the following message, “Oh sorry. Go Sox! Boston Strong!” For that, I would have accepted his apology. But I was pretending to sleep right through the call.

I went back to sleep again. When the alarm actually went off at 3AM (which is the correct time) I was up and ready to go! The Red Sox had just won the World Series at home. Who can fall asleep after something like that? I know that I certainly couldn’t. I still haven’t. In fact, based up on the enormity of the moment, I may never sleep again! After all, the Red Sox are World Series Champions. They’ve beaten overwhelming odds. They have overcome tragedy, a last place finish, a full season with the insufferable intercession of Bobby Valentine–and yet they still pulled off one of the most stirring turnarounds in professional sports history. Am I tired? Good God yes! Did I get through today’s show? Barely!

Despite my promise to begin a maniacal spree of jubilant looting following the World Series last night, I’m afraid that I got to bed just a little too late to start stealing TV and other appliances from commercial store fronts. Had game 6 of the World Series been an afternoon game–then perhaps we’d be having a slightly different conversation–one that would include such great vocabulary words such as “jail time”, “indictment”, or felony destruction of private property. Instead, I was forced to go to bed and consider the false notion that this job requires attentiveness and restfulness.

Despite the fact that I was unable to participate in some of the rioting last night–I was surprised to learn that police in Boston were only able to make about 9 drunk and disorderly arrests. That’s actually less arrests than occurred last night at UMass where Amherst police were able to able to arrest at least 15 students for also exhibiting drunk and disorderly behavior. Two of which were arrested for assaulting a police officer. Of course at UMass, this sort of response is called “Wednesday”. In Boston, I was somewhat surprised that, considering the volume of people out on the streets, that more incidents of lighting stuff on fire and overturning private vehicles didn’t occur in greater numbers. That’s the best part of winning a championship. That’s not to say that it didn’t happen. I’m just saying that we were not nearly as destructive as we were during the 2004 World Series. Of course that’s back when lighting a trash receptacle on fire could get you shot in the head with a pepper ball.

Maybe vandalism isn’t what it used to be anymore. Maybe we’ve moved on to other things. All I can tell you is how great it is to see the Red Sox win their first World Series championship at home in 95 years. And as great as the Sox were back then–they didn’t even have police vehicles to overturn. Back then they had to overturn the actual police officer himself. And frankly that’s not nearly as satisfying.

One thing remains certain. Boston Mayor Tom Menino better get ready to congratulate Manny Ortiz, Danny Pedrioa, Sean Victoria, and that Asian guy for a great World Series Cup victory!

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