Can We Please Stop Acting Like Idiots?

Can We Please Stop Acting Like Idiots?
As many of you know, the world is full with:
and racists!
When these shady personality types because emboldened to share their intolerant points of view in a public setting (such as Grand Stands at Fenway Park) then it should be incumbent upon all of us to suggest to that guy that he would be better off to STFU!!  Perhaps he (or she) would be better off sharing their message of hate on the internet—where it belongs.
This week the Red Sox confirmed that just days after Baltimore’s Adam Jones was hit in the head with a $7 bag of peanuts and racial slurs—another fan was forcibly ejected from the park for a similar accusation. Only this time the fan was ejected for using racial slurs towards another fan.  The dude was not only tossed out of the park, he was given a life time ban from attending Red Sox games in the future! According to Red Sox president, Sam Kennedy, “”I’m here to send a message loud and clear that the treatment of others that you’ve been reading about here lately is unacceptable”. He also went on to say, “We have to recognize that this exists in our culture.  But it’s not indicative of Boston.  It’s a handful of ignorant and intolerant people!”
Amen, sister!
Think about this. You’re a drunken asshole and you’ve decides to share your ignorant perspectives with everyone in your section. It could be the loge.  It could be the bleachers.  The decision to act like an insufferable jerk has now rendered you unwanted at Fenway Park not just for the remainder of the night.  You will now be excluded from attending Red Sox games for the remainder of your sad and repugnant life.  There’s no going back.  There’s no possibility of an appeal.  You’re rights to buy a ticket have been irretrievable revoked until the very end of human existence. And to think that all of that could have avoided if you had the ability to shut your mouth, sit down, and keep your ignorant statements to yourself! Or is that really too much to ask?!?

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