“Lavar Ball Can Go @#*$ Himself!” and Other Hilarious Instagram Posts!

“Lavar Ball Can Go @#*$ Himself!” and Other Hilarious Instagram Posts!

(By Baxie) As many of you know, I’m a sophisticated and respected practitioner of today’s thrilling and dynamic Social Medias. I’m on all the big ones: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Yik Yak, Houseparty, MySpace.  You name it.  It if I have a chance to post duck-face selfies and pictures of my food to my ravenous followers and friends—I will do it. Because that’s what’s today’s kids are all about—spending hours not really communicating with all their closest friends.  And yet, even I know that there are certain things that you can and cannot do.

1) You cannot take pictures of your junk and send to the NY Post.

2) You cannot accept the friendship of Jayden K. Smith.

3) You cannot tell Lavar Ball to go f-himself if you are currently under contact in the NBA.

Yesterday the NBA fined Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers $10,000 for using inappropriate language on Social Media to address his public feud with father of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball.  Specifically, Embiid was fined for posting a video on Instagram in which he states, “Man, f-Lavar Ball.” This comes after a war of words in which Lavar Ball suggested that Embiid was not only injury prone but that he was stupid and only knew three words of English.  Well as it turns out, he knows at least four more of them.  Unfortunately, each of those words are going to cost him about $2500 a piece.

Sixers fans, are so upset about this fine, that some have already established a Go Fund Me page to help Joel Embiid pay the fine.  Which is interesting because Lavar Ball really should go F-himself. Granted Joel Embiid currently makes $4.9 million a year.  But I think it’s the thought that counts. Was making a profane video the worst thing that he could do?  Or course not.  Was his profane video totally justified? Listen, if he didn’t make that video somebody else would.  And since the guy only knows three words (7 if you count the ones that he’s being fined for) then at least you can bank of the man’s penchant for brevity! And considering the amount of long winded dreck that’s currently on Social Media—it was a welcomed change.

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