Tom Yawkey: Hate Mongering Jerk

Tom Yawkey: Hate Mongering Jerk

(By Baxie) I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but we appear to be a pretty divided country.  Democrats hate Republicans.  Republicans hate Democrats.  Even some Republicans hate some Republicans.  You have problems between “Hate Groups” hating certain groups. You’ve got nearly everybody in those groups hating everybody in the “Hate Groups”.  You’ve got people wanting to take down racists monuments.  You’ve even got the town of Amherst wanting to change their name because Lord Jeffery was kind of an asshole.  Everybody is hating everybody to the point where if you’re not hating at least SOMEBODY then you’re a non-conformist and just being difficult.  Hate seems to be fashionable right now.   And frankly, I hate that.

Look at Red Sox owner John Henry.  He seems like a mild-mannered guy. In fact, I’ve often wondered whether John Henry even has a pulse half the time.  As it turns out, he does.  In fact, John Henry happens to hate the very team that he owns.  Well, maybe he doesn’t hate the team as it is right now.  But he certainly hates the legacy of the late Tom Yawkey who owned the team from 1933-1976.  John Henry hates the Yawkey legacy because, as we all know, the Red Sox were the last team in baseball to integrate black players—passing on future greats like Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays—only to sign the forgettable Pumpsie Green in 1959. (12 years after the color barrier was broken in 1947).

John Henry is so disgusted by that legacy that he has petitioned the city of Boston to change the name of Yawkey Way to something far less offensive.  Now I don’t really know what John Henry has in mind. I assume that he won’t be pushing for either Boston Stranger Avenue, Whitey Bulger Boulevard, or Cardinal Law Way.  The problem is that we live in such culturally over sensitive times that no matter what you do—somebody is going to be offended.  Was Tom Yawkey an insensitive racist?  Probably.  Is changing the name going to help me find my way around the city using my GPS? Probably not.

Will taking down statues and changing street names stop people from hating each other? Absolutely not.  In fact, it might just piss more people off.  The thing that I don’t understand is where all these Neo-Nazi fascists are coming from? I don’t know any white supremacists personally.  At least, I didn’t think that I did.  But maybe I did and didn’t even realize it.  If you believe everything that you read, we have hate-mongering white supremacists crawling out of the woodwork like ground-slithering maggots on garbage (Please note the appropriately used parallel).

The truth is, if you are a white guy and you are under the impression that your whiteness somehow makes you better than someone who does not share the same level of pigmentation–that doesn’t make you a better person.  It makes you an asshole.  And we sometimes tend to forget that the best way to get along with people is stop acting like a douche bag.  In spite of popular opinion, it’s really not that hard to be nice to people–no matter what they look like, where they live, who they voted for, or what they believe in.  Unfortunately we tend to fight intolerance with additional layers of intolerance.  And when that happens–nobody moves forward.

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