(By Bax) As many of you, my employer (Rock102) has been a part of the New England Patriots Rock Radio Network for the last 17 years.  We’ve been the Western Mass carrier for New England Patriots football for Tom Brady’s entire career.  And during that time, we have been unable to interview Tom Brady on the Bax & O’Brien Show because of Tom Brady’s contractual obligation with a certain radio station in Boston.  In my view, it was a poorly constructed contract since clearly the hosts responsible for THAT interview were unable (or unwilling) to show Tom Brady the proper respect that he most certainly deserved. 

Now you might ask, “Baxie, where are you going with this?” To which I would say, “Shut up and bear with me.”

You see, on Monday Tom Brady cut his weekly interview short after one of the hosts referred to Tom Brady’s five year old daughter as a “annoying little piss-ant”. Now as a father myself, I can certainly understand why such a comment would cause Tom Brady to reevaluate his weekly appearance on that show.  It is both disrespectful and uncalled for behavior—and as such, the host has been suspended from the station indefinitely.  After all, their weekly Tom Brady interview is just about all they really have. Never the less, this leaves Tom Brady to wonder whether or not he wants to continue his association with these guys. And I, for one, cannot blame his for wanting to take his business elsewhere.

Therefore, on behalf of Rock102 and the convalescing John O’Brien, I would like to formally extend the invitation for Tom Brady to become a weekly guest on the Bax & O’Brien show instead. While I cannot promise him a financial offer, I would be willing to offer Tom Brady the name of a great carpet cleaning business and a gift card to his neighborhood Rocky’s Ace Hardware. I might even be able to get my hands on a Bax & O’Brien T-Shirt—suited perfectly to his size. To reach me, Tom may call the Rock102 offices at 413-525-4141, ext 323.  He may also reach me by email at In either case, I promise you this—you and  your family will be treated with respect and dignity until John O’Brien comes back.

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