WANTED! A Pizza Company That Knows How to Keep it’s Big Fat Mouth Shut!

WANTED! A Pizza Company That Knows How to Keep it’s Big Fat Mouth Shut!

(By Baxie) The world of national marketing and advertising is a cut-throat business.  One minute your cheaply made product is being associated with another national brand.  The next minute you’re answering to your shareholders who can’t believe that their investment is being mismanaged by a douche bag. This is the situation that is going on today between the NFL and their (now FORMER) official pizza sponsor—Papa John’s Pizza.

You may recall that a few months ago, the company’s founder Papa John Schnatter announced that he was disappointed by the NFL’s lack of leadership in curbing sideline protests of the National Anthem.  H was so disappointed that he decided that the company would no longer iprint the NFL logo on their pizza boxes. Less than two weeks later, the company’s stock price tanked by as much as 12%.  By January 1st, Papa John stepped down as the company’s CEO.  And recently, the company’s chief financial offer, Lance Tucker, bailed on this sinking ship to take the same corporate position at Jack in the Box. How does that sound for desperation?

Yesterday both Papa John’s Pizza AND the NFL announced their mutual decision to part ways and officially end their sponsorship deal after 8 years together! And it all happened simply because:

A) Papa John doesn’t know how to shut up

B) His pizza kinda sucks.

That now leaves the simple-minded, pizza-loving consumer to scramble through something called the Yellow Pages or through a bunch of Yelp reviews to find a suitable replacement for an NFL sponsored pizza joint. Lord knows there are only 5000-6000 pizza places in the Springfield metropolitan area to choose from.  But do any of them have an official NFL affiliation? No they do not.  And isn’t the most important component in choosing a pizza? It is if you’re a fan of tasteless mass produced NFL approved products like I am. But if you’re all hung up on helping out the local guy will all of his flavorful ingredients and good service—then that’s your problem!

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