(By Baxie) I’m so jacked up right now over the Red Sox winning the American League Pennant last night that if you confronted me with all your depressing life-altering calamities you would not be able to break my resolve. If you came up to me and told me that you had some sort of communicable disease you could not shake my enthusiasm for this World Series. I don’t care if the house is burning, or you lost your job, or you ran over a cardboard box full of adorable puppies.  There is NOTHING that is going to prevent me from enjoying the thrill of watching the Red Sox take on WHOEVER it is next Tuesday night in Game 1 of the World Series at Fenway!

Last night the Red Sox eliminated the Defending Champion Houston Astros in five games behind the refreshingly brilliant post season play of David Price—who despite that 7-year $217 million contract—finally made it seem like the Red Sox got a good deal on that guy! David Price finally gets credited with a Post Season win with no earned runs, 9 strikeouts, and only three meaningless hits. You had JD Martinez with a solo shot in the 3rd innings and Raphael Devers with a three-run homer in the 6th.  And that all anyone needed to see! (Well that and another, yet slightly less spectacular game ending catch from Andrew Benintendi)

But listen, the issue here isn’t that the Red Sox won. The issue here is who are they going to face next week in the World Series? Will it be the power house hitting of Matt Kemp and the Dodgers or the well-rounded leading MVP candidate Christian Yelich and the Milwaukee Brewers? You know what? Who gives a crap? They’re all going to be walking into a flesh shredding buzz saw the moment the step foot off the team bus in Boston.  Because that series, whoever it’s against, is only going to go one way.  And that way is with another thrilling Red Sox World Series championship? Am I being overly cocky? Oh yes.  And wouldn’t have it any other way!

On the other hand, there are times (like these) when I am so glad that I’m no longer living in Milwaukee. Can you image the fiery shit-storm I’d be creating on the radio if I had to get through a Red Sox/Brewers World Series? Those people would treat me like I was Dad Devine’s dog!  Go on…look it up! In the meantime, go Red Sox!

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(By Baxie) I’m so jacked up right now over the Red Sox winning the American League Pennant last night that…

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