1. Do not vote for a dink
2. Never vote for someone who has refused to go on the Bax & O’Brien Show
3. Never vote for a candidate that doesn’t stand for anything other than they’re different than the other guy.
4. Never vote for a candidate who claims they have the experience when everything is all f@&ked up.
5. Never vote for someone who’s promotes scare tactics if they don’t have a better solution
6. Never vote for someone just because they’re black, white, male, female, etc. Character is what makes good leadership.
7. All politicians have an agenda that has nothing to do with making things better. Winning elections and staying there is their primary objective.
8. If you believe that your vote doesn’t matter—then you’re placing everything in the hands of someone who does. You comfortable with that?
9. No one should serve more than 3 terms in Congress. Anything longer than that only makes them a part of the problem
10. Not satisfied with any of your options? Either is anybody else.
11. The best and brightest in this country DO NOT go into politics.
12. No politician takes responsibility for what they’ve screwed up. It’s always somebody else’s false. (Just like a 5 year old)
13. Anyone seeking the presidency or a seat in congress is operating with a serious set of character flaws.
14. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are out there working for you (or working families)
15. No matter what the results are on Election Day, half of you will think we’re doomed. The other half with think the election was stolen by the Russians. And chances are neither one of them are true.
16. When you vote…shut up about it
17. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and should be immune from your judgement. So, you should shut up about that too.
18. I have never been influenced to vote for somebody by a lawn sign or because I saw them wave at me while I was crossing an intersection. If that influences you, you need to reorder your priorities.
19. The two party system is broken and prone to hypocrisy. We are in desperate need to additional options.
20. When in doubt, Vote for Pedro.

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