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United States' Ryan Lochte reacts after finishing first in the men's 400-meter individual medley swimming final at the Aquatics Centre in the Olympic Park during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Saturday, July 28, 2012. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa De Olza)

Ryan Lachte: Will Swim for Food!

(By Baxie) Let’s face it. Olympic Gold Medalist, Ryan Lochte, is a liar.  And the biggest problem with liars is…


The Olympics TORCHED!

(By Baxie) I don’t know if you’re aware of this.  But the Olympics are more than just swimming, gymnastics, and…


The Torch Wont be the Only Thing Burning in Rio!

The Opening Ceremonies at the Olympics are set to being in just a matter of hours. Today is the day…


Father Knows Best

(By Baxie) As most of you know, I am the proud father of three beautiful daughters between the ages of…


Joey Chestnut: The Greatest American Hero

(By Baxie) It’s always been my opinion that sports are at their best when adversity bares its savage teeth.  Sports…