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June 18th 2013

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Waiting for My New Endorsement Deal

(By Baxie) I have a long and storied history of painfully gruesome and disgusting foot problems.  I’ve had bunions, hammer…


Tom Brady’s Unlimited Texting Plan

Look. I don’t know about you but I destroy my cellphones all the time.  It’s no big whoop.  Yes, Tom…


The Service Window

I’m a very busy man.  I don’t have the time sit around and and wait for things to happen.  I’m…


Gronk and the Family Feud

Whenever I think of the greatest minds of our time, I think of names like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and…



The human body is a fascinating mushy bag of tissues, fluids, and soft-gooey stuff that is, on one hand, patently…